Member Activities

Annual Championship Tournament
WSGA sponsors a multi-day championship tournament at all levels for adult members  (men, women and seniors).  Historically, the annual tournament is held at several choice sites each year during the 4th week of June.  In order to provide a more festive atmosphere during this event, numerous social activities are planned for golfers families and their guests in attendance while the tournament players are enjoying the competition and camaraderie.

Sanctioned Tournaments
Tournaments are sanctioned by WSGA each year for member clubs holding annual tournaments. Clubs normally invite fellow WSGA member golfers and guest golfers.  Sanctioned tournaments are usually one or two day events. Social activities are planned for tournament player’s families.

Local Tournaments
Local monthly tournaments are scheduled and coordinated by member clubs residing in each of the five WSGA areas on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis.

Social Activities
Activities including luncheons and dinner dances are planned at the Area level and within each individual member club.  Additionally, special fundraiser events are promoted by each Area to finance our annual Scholarship Awards and Junior Golf programs.

GHIN Golf Handicaps
WSGA is authorized by the United States Golf Association (USGA) to provide golf handicapping services for full member golf clubs and other organized golf clubs or groups as an associate member golf club of WSGA under the USGA/GHIN golf handicapping system.

Junior Golf
Training is provided within each WSGA area by local golf club teaching professionals.  Pilot programs are implemented in conjunction with WSGA’s partnership with American Golf.  Practice sites and playing times at local golf courses are provided for juniors of ages 7 through 17.  The culmination of the juniors training is a multi-day Junior Golf Championship Tournament each year. Competition is between WSGA juniors and other youth golfers.  WSGA invites non-member juniors from other WSGA areas and throughout the U.S. as our guest. This yearly event is rotated by  five WSGA areas and attracts more than 300 Juniors each year.

Senior Golf
WSGA golfers (men and women) who have reached ages 55 and above are qualified for WSGA’s Senior Golf Program.  WSGA senior members are serious and competitive contenders in all WSGA tournaments.

Women in Golf
Aide for women golfers is another commitment of WSGA.  Assistance is coordinated by WSGA’s Women in Golf General Chairperson and appointed representatives residing in each WSGA Area.  Special training clinics are held to teach the fundamentals of golf.  At the Area level, special  sessions are held preparing ladies for membership in WSGA member clubs.  Objectives are to teach the ladies about the rules and protocols of the sport while encouraging fair play and competition.

Scholarship Awards
WSGA grants education scholarship awards to selected youths within each WSGA area annually.  Each recipient (5 maximum) receives One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00).  Financial assistance for each recipient is provided by member clubs located within each WSGA Area.