Member Benefits

Each Month

  • GHIN handicap are mailed to WSGA Member Clubs.
  • WSGA Member’s mailing address, use for mailing golf tournament fliers.

Each Year

  • Members receive WSGA/USGA Membership Verification Cards.
  • Clubs are eligible to receive WSGA’s members address & emails.
  • WSGA Newsletter Publications are available to members of WSGA and are able to be viewed on website..
  • Upon request, Member Club’s main event golf tournaments are WSGA sanctioned.
  • Members are assured entry into WSGA’s Adults & Juniors Annual Championship Tournaments.
  • Insurance coverage for WSGA property and members participating in WSGA events.

Perpetual Assistance

  • For organizing and conducting Member Club golf tournaments.
  • For providing USGA Rules of Golf Booklets for members.
  • For clubs developing and administering Junior Golf Training programs.
  • For developing Women Golfers.

Education & Scholarship Awards

  • Scholarship awards are given to five (5) deserving WSGA youth golfers attending college,
    One Thousand Dollars ($1000.00) each.
  • Recipients of awards are selected by clubs located in each of 5 WSGA areas.

Life Membership

  • WSGA NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People).

Charitable Contributions

  • Contributions to charitable and civic organizations on state and national levels.