Member Options

Full Membership
Golfers and Non-golfers through WSGA member clubs sustaining full membership with WSGA will enjoy all benefits described. For those golfers who do not desire full WSGA membership and desire just golf handicapping that’s recognized throughout the U.S., WSGA is authorized to provide handicapping services under the USGA GHIN paper option distribution system.

Associate Club Membership
Any Organized Golf Club with a minimum of ten (10) members is eligible and may qualify to become an Associate Member Golf Club of WSGA. Golf clubs may apply for Associate Club Membership with WSGA under either one of two plans.

Associate Club Membership – Plan 1
For Twenty Dollars ($20.00) per member golfer in your club, each member will receive golf handicaps distributed monthly via GHIN’s paper option distribution system. After your club has established associate membership with WSGA, your club’s handicap representative will be mailed instuctions “How to operate under Plan 1″ from WSGA’s General Handicap Chairman.

Associate Club  Membership РPlan 2
For Thirty ($30) Dollars per year each golfer in your club will receive the following:
USGA Ghin handicapping services as offered in Plan 1 noted above. In addition, each member golfer becomes eligible to receive WSGA’s News Letter mailed twice yearly. The News Letter publication includes special sections for member clubs. Articles in these sections are filled with stories about clubs and members, their golf tournaments and social activities. After your club has established associate membership you will receive instructions on how to submit material for publication in the Newsletter.