Become a Member

Eligibility for WSGA membership
The Applicant Club must submit at least ten (10) active members at the time of application. The members (male and/or female) may be Adult Golfers, Adult Non-golfers and Junior Golfers. Applicant club shall submit their club membership roster and membership fees to join WSGA

Application to join WSGA
Membership application and questionaire may be obtained by emailing:
Mary Porter, WSGA Financial Secretary at

Cost to Join
New club joining Fee is $ 250.00 plus the sum of individual golfer fees (see below).

Golfer Fees
Each Adult Golfer1 is assessed a total amount of $ 50.00
Each Adult Non-Golfer is assessed a total amount of $ 45.00
Junior Golfers2 and Advanced Juniors3 memberships are free.
1Adult Golfers assessment ($ 50.00) includes $ 5.00 for WSGA/USGA GHIN handicapping services.
Adult Non-Golfers assessment does not include fee for handicapping services.
2Qualified Junior Golfers (JG) ages 7-17 years old may obtain a GHIN handicap free.
3Advanced Junior Golfers (ADVJG) ages 18-24 years, GHIN handicap fee is $5.00

Qualifying JG’s must submit five (5) 18 hole score cards played on regulation courses.
New ADVJG’s must submit five (5) 18 hole score cards played on regulation courses before handicaps will be issued.

Method of Payment
Payment is due in full upon submittal of Application and Club Membership Roster.
Please make check payable to: WSGA, Inc. and mail to the following address:

Attn: Mary Porter
WSGA Financial Secretary
P.O. Box 11712
Carson, CA 90749

You will be notified for ACCEPTANCE of your organization as a member of WSGA

Example of New Club Joining Fee
New club joining WSGA, Suppose your membership roster submitted consists of members as follows:
[25 Adult Golfers] – [5 Adult Non-Golfers] – [5 Junior Golfers]
[2 of the 5 Junior Golfers submitted are ADVJG’s and are required to pay for GHIN handicaps]

25 Adult Golfers at $50 each = $1250.00
5 Adult Non-golfers at $45 each = $225.00
2 Junior Golfers (handicap) at $5.00 each = $10.00 – Age 18-24 years
3 Junior Golfers (non-handicap) – no fee – Ages 7-17 years
Initiation Fee – $250.00
Total cost to join WSGA – $1,735.00