OFFICERS: President, Five (5) Area Vice Presidents, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, General Tournament Chairman, General Handicap Chairman, Parliamentarian and Sergeant-At-Arms.  Any member of the WSGA may be elected to serve any office. Voting for election of officers (except Area Vice Presidents) is by all WSGA Member Clubs.  The terms of offices for WSGA Officers are three (3) years.  The President is not permitted to serve more than two (2) consecutive terms.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Consists of, the Board of Directors and Chairpersons of Standing Committees including other Committees appointed by the President. Chairpersons of Committees appointed (at the discretion of the president) may be any member of WSGA.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The WSGA Board of Directors is responsible for WSGA policy and consists of nine (9) Elected Officers and five (5) Area Vice Presidents. The WSGA Constitution & By-laws mandates that all WSGA Member Clubs’ Presidents (or a representative) shall attend all Board of Directors Meetings where their voice shall express consensus of their club.

WSGA Sections

5 – WSGA Member Clubs

Northern California
6 – WSGA Member Clubs

Southern California
12 – WSGA Member Clubs

Pacific Northwest
4 – WSGA Member Clubs

Pacific Desert
6 – WSGA Member Clubs

WSGA HEADQUARTERS: The President of the Association is elected to serve for one term (3 years). He/she may serve no more than two consecutive terms (6 years). The headquarters for the Association is located in the area for which the President of the Association currently resides.

NUMBER OF MEMBERS: Membership for the current year is 1300+, consisting of 1000+ Adult Members (male and female) and 200+ Junior Members (male and female).

MEETINGS: Board of Directors meetings are held during the last week of February each year. Annual meetings are held during the 3rd week of June each year in conjunction with the Associations Annual Championship Tournament.  Executive Committee meetings (no more than 5 each year) are called by the President. The Executive Committee meetings may be held in any of five Sections of the Association. WSGA Officers are elected at Annual Meetings every three years.