June 2013 Annual Board Meeting Reports

ReportsReported by 
PresidentGranville Brown
Board of DirectorsEthel Williams
June 26, 2013 Meeting MinutesEthel WilliamsN/A
Area Vice President - Arizona/Colorado AreaGeorge Colebrook, Jr.
Area Vice President - Northern California AreaNate Jackson
Area Vice President - Pacific Desert AreaEdward May
Area Vice President - Pacific Northwest AreaRobert Williams
Area Vice President - Southern California AreaGus Robinson
Election, Budget, Hall of Fame, and Hall of Honor ChairmanJames Redwine
Good & WelfareRose Mary Spriggs
Handicap ChairmanDewey Clark
HistorianSaidah ProvostN/A
Investment Strategy ChairpersonBeryl BryantN/A
Membership ChairmanJames White
Newsletter EditorJim Gaines
Sanctioned Tournaments - 2013George Colebrook, Jr.
ScholarshipValerie Moses
Senior GolfMary Porter
WebmasterAudrey Jordan
Women In Golf ChairwomanCarolyn Suttles